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We create valuable brands and impressions your brand deserves

We carefully understand the brand, research its potential competitors and develop a strategy that goes a long way. With our exuberant graphic design skills, we are sure to make the brand stand out, unique, and deliver a strong message.

What we can do for you

We provide various branding design services that serve all your brand requirements like logo design, marketing materials, print designs, etc. Let us dive in further with the details.

Brand Identity

We create and visualize the brand's potential with our brand strategist and creative specialist long before it hit the market. With over 10+ years of experience in brands and dealing with numerous clients/industries, we have learned a lot of things about a brand's uniqueness and individuality that increase the brand's overall image and performance without breaking a sweat. View More


Logo Designs

We understand how important a logo design is to any business. We have worked, researched, sketched for numerous brands from small-scale to large-scale enterprises. When it comes to accuracy and creativity, we never compromise. We start from a basic ground-up from what the brand stands for to what the brand could mean to a large set of customers. We spend numerous hours catching the minute niche of design elements that every brand needs. View More

Brand Collaterals

Every brand needs support sometimes to deliver a clear message, digital or printed. Our experts inherit the brand's value and critical design element and impose them on brand collaterals that immediately let the material join the brand's family. We cover almost every aspect of designing brand collaterals, both digital and print mediums. View More


Brand Identity

We provide various branding design services that serve all your brand requirements like logo design, marketing materials, print designs, etc. Let us dive in further with the details.


The power in authenticity

Customers today are more plunged with ads, more flooded with marketing, and more skeptical of brands than ever before. Yet the very same customers have uplifted so many brands overnight.

While today's customers are choosy and nitpicky, they still pull towards the look, value, and most importantly authenticity. But creating a genuine and impressionable brand identity is surely a herculean task - let alone one that aligns with your business goals.

Here at Aximz Technologies, we know what it takes for a digital brand to be successful. With an eye for storytelling and enthusiasm for strategy building, our experts can help businesses stand out through engaging content, creativity, and a bit of everything.

An efficient brand partner

Never trust anyone with your brand. At least make sure the brand is handled by the agency that is:


Nowadays, customers want and expect to understand what makes the brand unique and likable. Find a branding agency that can create a story of the brand so the customers can relate and understand the brand's value and motto quickly.

Always strategic

Your branding agency should be always on A-Game when it comes to strategy and digital approach. Data research, analysis, and best practice come in handy.

Ready to market

Without a doubt, a new brand has to be marketed. The branding agency which understands the dynamics of digital marketing and other marketing aspects will surely deliver a brand that resonates in theory and practice.

Let us help find your brand's true identity

Our solution to brand identity is as creative as it is practical, where design and content meet research and knowledge.

  • 1. Discovery + Research
    Meeting your brand

    For any branding effort, we think stakeholder interviews to be supercritical. We ask honest questions to get a clear understanding of what your business and brand stand for and the ultimate goal.

    We also set the foundation of strong research on which we create the project. We focus on your major competitors, target audience, and latest trends with similar brands in the industry.

  • 2. Storytelling
    Uncovering the narrative

    The modern brand should have a story - a driving embodiment that explains what they are about, why the audience should care. Taking what we learned during research and discovery, our branding and creative team will help identify and create the story behind the brand, its vision, and motto through the entire commencement.

  • 3. Verbal Identity
    Finding your voice

    Our content development team will always be at your disposal to help create the on-page identity of your brand. We help customers on base-level things like naming the new product line ups, the service, or even the brand itself. We work closely with customers to find the right angle to name their products or brand itself. We consider a lot of different approaches and perspectives like creative directions, research, analysis, etc,

    We spend time with clients to come up with the taglines for their brand, some taglines come up super easily that represents the brand quickly perhaps more simply. But, some taglines need more time and effort than the usual, we sure work till we find that needle in the hay type of tagline. But to arrive at the best, our content team keeps refining the brand story till we find that unique personality that jumps off the page.

  • 4. Visual Identity
    Focusing on look-and-feel

    On top of creating beautiful logos, our creative and branding teams have huge experience creating brand guidelines for all brand types. We will take care of the color palette that works amazingly well with all the materials. We can also help create custom icons, monograms, set photography directions, or create a new set of branding/visual elements for marketing and design materials. We can expand the visual and brand identity to any medium - like websites, advertisements, and animations - where consistency and uniformity play a major role to create authenticity and brand value.

  • 5. Implementation
    Bringing it to life

    As a full-service digital agency, Aximz Technologies is ready to execute on the branding recommendations and effortless transition into a building phase. In the same way, our marketing team is working towards putting your new brand to the consumers.

    As a full-service digital agency, Blue Fountain Media is ready to execute on our branding recommendations and seamlessly transition into an implementation phase. In the same way, our marketing team is standing by and ready to put your new brand in front of consumers.

Crafting logos with perfection and more.

People see more logos and brands today than ever before, but they only remember a few. Great logos signify their brand, tell an amazing and unique story, speak values boldly - they sure stand for something.

We believe most brands know what they stand for, But ... bringing a brand's ideals to life with symbols is a daunting challenge. With more than 10+ years of building and creating brands, we might know more than quite a few about creating brands and logos that stay in people's minds.

At Aximz Technologies, our logo design process is well tested and future-proofed by our experts. With quality research and sound strategy, our creative branding design team gets hands-on with clients to create a logo that makes a great impression - something the audience can behind and follow with pride.

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Storytelling with strategy

Intelligent brands know a logo could be a powerful storytelling tool. The iconic brand logos enjoy their status because they have immediate connections with memories, emotions, and quality. But they did not start like this, they earn that space in the people's minds.

To create this loyal bond with an audience, your brand must take the time to invest, learn, trust and listen. That process will open up big questions about the brand you are, and the brand you want to be one, five, or even ten years from now.

Intelligent brand storytelling should make an impact, but if it does not have the foundation of research and understanding the audience, success is just luck. That is why our logo design process always starts with research.

How we craft great logos

Creating a new logo is a crystallizing process for businesses and brands. We look at the task with clear objectives and a steady mind. Our process is backed by research, design, and years of hands-on experience of collective logo design experts that are on board with us.

  • 1. Discovery
    Getting your point of view

    Our flow begins at the source - with the customer. Honest conversations about the business and state of brands are ideal and integral to creating a logo that reflects the brand identity. Questions about the external and internal brand idealogy, perspectives, and competitive whitespace act as our tool as we move forward with research, ideating, and logo design process.

  • 2. Research
    Laying our foundation

    Research and analysis are the core of our logo design process. Before we even start our earliest sketch works, we add context by looking at trends, understanding the competitor's brand, and identifying promising audience elements. This creates a foundation to guide the rest of the logo design process and solidifies our understanding of the whole brand identity, client's perspective, customer sentiment, and more.

  • 3. Exploratory
    Setting an artistic foundation

    The themes we have pulled for research let our team create a range of materials for design and logo inspiration. From mood boards to competitor analysis, this is our chance to see what helps and what doesn't resonate with brand stakeholders.

  • 4. Design
    Crafting the heart of a brand

    In a collaborative process, our designers and strategies should work closely together to meet the requirements from the client's feedback, inspirations, and insights. It is at this stage that we translate our body of understanding into our logo concepts and design with is as exciting for us as it is for you.

  • 5. Workshopping
    Honing in on a winning design

    We never keep the clients in the dark through the logo design process. We take initiatives by interacting with clients regularly to get approvals, feedback, presenting the logo design concepts to stakeholders, refining until we have checked all the boxes. From sketch, black/white concepts, to color mockups, to finalization, your inputs drive the process.

  • 6. Implementation
    Ready for the digital landscape

    For app icons to push notifications, modern brands rely on their logos and branding designs to do a lot. Once a logo design is approved, our team is ready to point out the essential use case and build out creative assets and materials to fit a range of situations, ensuring brand identity is consistent across everything.

Brand Collateral

Brand collateral - from business cards to billboard designs - is all about getting attention to the brand and increasing the bond between the customers and the company. It required great marketing collaterals to reach the customer with a memorable impact - not to mention brand worth sharing helps a lot.

Creating impactful brand collaterals for brilliant businesses.

As a full-service branding and marketing agency, Aximz Technologies understands that there is more to creating powerful brand collaterals than applying a logo on a product and materials. Our creative designer adds to your marketing toolkit with catchy designs applied to the right products with the right method.

What we offer with our brand collateral designs

Product Packaging
Business Cards
Promotional Items
Print Ads
Poster Designs
Flyer Designs
Catalog Designs
Brochure Designs
Food Menu Card Designs
Label Designs
Tshirt Designs
Banner Designs
Greeting Card Designs
Calendar Designs
Standee Designs

Graphic Design Portfolio

We have taken the liberty to narrow down some of the graphic design portfolios we have completed so far. Also check the other portfolios, which might interest you.

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