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The audiences embrace the technologies that connect us and get bombarded with marketing messages simultaneously. It is hard to have our message noticed above the noise.

Even customer-acquisition-focused brands and businesses need to think about building a safe strategy and retaining a loyal customer base to protect themselves against disruption or commoditization. To create a brand like that, you need to have a moving and relatable story. And to make that story real, you need a strategy.

Aximz Technologies leverages our digital marketing experience, analytics /research experience, and creative team to build marketing strategies that deliver exponential results.

We can help you decide the right
approach for you.

We narrow down on the digital marketing services that fit right for your business. By doing that, which digital marketing approach is best for your business? At Aximz Technologies, we provide a unified digital marketing service plan that derives your main goal. Let us look at some of the items that may include in your digital marketing strategy, depending on your marketing budget and needs:

Website Audit Services

Our digital strategy services can perform deep in-depth website audits to narrow down the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

It includes market gap analysis, website SEO analysis, site security audit, competitor analysis, competitor web audit, and penalty/recovery site audit. Our website audit resources also look into other perspectives like duplicated content, bad SEO practices, and backlink profiles. These website audit services are there to figure out issues and fixes that exponentially improve the results into the desired outcome.

SEO Strategy

Creating better customer service and relationships can express your thought-leadership business with Aximz's complete SEO strategy and SEO audit services.

Our SEO audit agency runs an extensive SEO site audit to calculate the on-page and off-page SEO strategies you need to prioritize. We also measure and track your SEO and content strategy improvements. With the use of SEO website audit results, our SEO talents can create an SEO strategy that lays out how to increase your search result volumes, leads, traffics, and conversions over the period. Our SEO audit agency follows Google standards and SEO marketing strategy service best practices for greater results, searchability, visibility, and overall better ROIs.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Create a connection with your brand with the right target audiences and boost your marketing reach with an effective SEO keyword strategy.

Our SEO website audit and strategy specialist use advanced SEO keyword research tool to find out top-performing, brand-related keywords, categorizes search phrases based on user intent, and cut down your keyword list. We know that keyword affects not only the SEO content strategy but other aspects of website optimization as well. We make sure our SEO keyword strategy has a strong foundation on research and credible SEO audit results.

SEO Content Strategy

Aximz Technologies SEO website strategy team defines your target audience and their subject expertise, hands-on experience, and reading preference before outlining a content strategy SEO plan.

Our SEO content strategy experts also audit SEO website content and make use of the data from your website SEO analysis to find different content angles, include suitable SEO and content strategy, and develop a list of potential articles. From creating engaging content to automated blog posts release, we can increase page authority that brings amazing results, our SEO and content strategy team can get the job done for you.

PPC Strategy

Whether you need support with Google AdWords strategy, Facebook ads strategy, or PPC audit, our impeccable digital marketing team is here for you.

Over the years, we have assisted numerous businesses in setting up their PPC strategy, and our efforts to create an effective Google AdWords strategy that results in increased brand awareness, leads, returning customers, and more conversions overall. We have also had many clients who trust us with their monthly PPC audits, paid search strategy development, and Facebook ads strategy integrations. Get in touch with us and let us help you with your PPC strategy goals and budget, analyze the competition.

SEM Strategy

Are you looking for help with your PPC audit and SEO marketing strategies? Our PPC and SEO audit experts develop an SEM strategy that fits your digital marketing budget and increases your marketing effectiveness.

We provide SEO audit service, keyword research analysis, audit SEO and PPC campaign metrics, and calculate your existing SEM strategy. These practices let us create an integrated PPC and SEO marketing strategy that delivers measurable growth. Book a consultation with one of the digital marketing experts to learn more about our SEM strategy services.

Social Media Strategy Services

Use the right platforms and position your brand in front of a larger audience scope with Aximz Technologies' business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) social media marketing business plan.

Our social media experts calculate your current social media marketing plan & performance. With the data collected, we perform competitor benchmarking, analyze your customer's persona and determine social media channels that are relevant for your brand. Our social media strategy planning experts also create social media marketing strategy guidelines to make sure your cross-platform campaigns run smoothly and do not exceed the budget.

Link Building Strategy

Does your SEO link strategy boost your site authority and web traffic? At Aximz Technologies, we perform an extensive SEO website audit, determine white-hat link building strategies,

and audit SEO keyword research strategy to ensure our link building suggestions inherent to Google standards and generate high authority backlinks. We analyze your competitor's link-building strategies to create winning online marketing solutions and ideas that open greater revenue generation opportunities. Get in touch with our digital marketing team and let's discuss your link-building strategy approach.

Digital Marketing Strategy Process

As your dedicated digital marketing strategy consultant, we treat our partnership as if we are running the business together. Our digital marketing experts prioritize your needs and preferences in creating a data-driven digital marketing strategy to produce an impeccable run. We strongly follow these three steps to make sure our strategy works:

  • 1: Information Gathering, Assessments, and Interviews

    Our digital marketing strategy team performs website SEO analysis and in-depth marketing and campaign evaluation to identify your key traffic source and other technical SEO factors that affect the health and stability of the online presence like:

    • Website speed and performance
    • Server setting
    • Google Business Profile or Google My Business page
    • 404 error pages
    • Backlink profile and spam score
    • Trust signals

    This step is essential to identify the proper metrics that are related to top-level goals and KPIs, verify if tracking tools are set up properly, and ensure all ad accounts are linked into Google reporting.

  • 2: Analysis and Recommendations

    The second step of the digital marketing plan involves researching the key metrics from STEP 1 and defining the best approach to optimize your:

    • Website architecture
    • Content strategy SEO
    • Calls-to-actions (CTAs)
    • SEO keyword strategy
    • Social profiles
    • Landing pages
    • Email marketing performance

    The objective is to create digital marketing strategies that address your buyer persona, provide the best possible user experience (UX), boost your organic traffic growth and generate the highest ROIs.

  • 3: Presentation of the Strategy

    The final step is to improve the shape and quality of the overall work. The third step of digital marketing strategy focuses on maximizing results from your:

    • SEO strategies
    • AdWords strategy
    • Email marketing strategy
    • Organic social media strategy planning
    • Reputation management strategy
    • SEO link strategy

    We make use of the data from the previous steps to design and present a holistic digital marketing strategy that drives success.

    Nowadays in the digital world, many business owners are puzzled about how to optimize their online presence and which digital marketing strategy works best for their brand. At Aximz Technologies, we make it simpler for you to visualize which strategy is best for your approach.

    Let us help you grow a healthy and organic business. Contact us today to discuss each component of your digital marketing strategy plan.

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