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Approximately 4.5 billion people worldwide use email every day for communications, and no other platform comes close to having this many active users. Are you using the full potential of email marketing in your business development strategy?

The importance of Email Marketing

Marketers wonder why email marketing is important when social media platforms are so widely available and social media visitors have grown substantially. But still, people go to their emails every day to find special deals from their favorite brands.

The survey says over 44 percent of users check their emails for brand promotions, whereas only four percent go to social media platforms for ad campaign details. With the abundance of opportunities that web email marketing offers, you are closer to doing more conversions for your business. Still not convinced about why email marketing is important for your business growth? Here are more reason investing in an email marketing campaign service are essential:

Email marketing services for small business

It is always difficult to decide where to invest your money when it comes to marketing. You must somehow make sure every penny allocated to your marketing efforts delivers an ROI or you are under the risk of losing your hard-earned money and the opportunity to do more sales.

Email marketing for small businesses is a super cost-effective way to promote and reach more people for your brand and business. A McKinsey study revealed that email is almost 40 times more effective and useful than Twitter and Facebook combined in attracting new customers. What is more, according to 80 percent of industry professionals, the best email campaigns drive more customer acquisition and retention.

How effective is email marketing for small businesses? Let us explain it. Launch your small-scale business marketing to the next level with Aximz Technologies email marketing services.

With data-driven email marketing services for small businesses, we can achieve:

Email Marketing Campaign Services

As one of the most trusted technology companies in the industry, Our email marketing services will fit our client's needs and marketing budget comfortability. Depending on your email marketing objectives, we can curate different targeted and custom email marketing services.

Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy

As trends and new services emerge, your email marketing strategy must adapt and follow along. Our email marketing team provides B2C and B2B email marketing audits to analyze factors that affect your marketing success and locate the issues that disrupt your email marketing strategy. Our email marketing performance audit and strategy covers:

  1. Campaign and Template Review

    Our email marketing experts review your current email setup and email template from the past year to get a clear understanding of your email marketing campaigns, performance, and engagement. We look into your email design, subject line, and calls to action (CTAs) to identify issues and inabilities.

  2. Technical Review

    To make sure your email newsletter and other marketing emails hit the right people, our email marketing experts review all technical issues with your setup. These comprise your spam issues, deliverability problems, and possible domain and IP blacklisting.

  3. Data Review

    Statistics show 25 to 33 percent of email addresses become outdated every year. To make sure you are working with the correct email list, we set up a benchmark for email metrics, review your top and lowest performing campaigns, and calculate unsubscribers and user demographics.

  1. Program Review

    We will review your existing email automation, audience categorizations, email list health, and an extensive email marketing strategy review. The target is to determine the best possible way to increase your marketing results.

  2. Recommendations

    After completing our audit reports, our email marketing specialist compiles and presents suggestions and recommendations for code and designs, contents, and CTA. We also provide proposals on the number of emails sent, the day and time, automation, etc.,

Custom Template Design and Development

Many small-scale and medium-scale business never owns in-house digital marketing that can take care of email marketing. Worry no more, we Aximz Technologies can be your dedicated email marketing service provider. We design, develop and launch updated email designs that match your branding and targeted user experience. Our email marketing service includes:

  1. Superior Template Design

    At Aximz Technologies, we think that a great email is more than just an attractive email that hits your inbox. Our email marketing team designs email newsletters and drip marketing campaigns built with clean code and responsive and adaptive to all email clients and screens

  2. Installation on the ESP of Your Choice

    Are you looking for help to get your template installed on your preferred ESP (Email Service Provider)?. We can take care of that. Our email marketing team can take your finished design and sends it over to your chosen ESP, so all you have to do is start sending out the emails.

  3. Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

    Our email marketing team runs all the email newsletters and marketing emailers through industry-leading tools to make sure they are well-coded, fully responsive, and work exactly as intended. Build more emails quickly with help of our email marketing team.

  1. Training on Custom Templates

    We pride ourselves as one of the best digital marketing companies, which excel at email marketing services. We do not just create a well-designed template. Our email marketing specialist also trains the customer's team to use it efficiently. Each delivered template and design comes with a video training file that explains the design and email process.

  2. Compatibility With Top Email Clients

    We work closely with your team to ensure our templates capture your unique branding, preferences, and brand message. We guarantee our email templates work with 30+ email clients, devices, and operating systems (OS).

Email Marketing Management

Are you looking for monthly email services? We Aximz Technologies, an email marketing company, can collaborate with your in-house team to come up with an efficient email marketing strategy that creates long-term visibility and profitability. Our email marketing campaign services are:

  1. Review of Marketing Goals and Targeting

    How important is email marketing in reaching your brand objectives? As one of the top email marketing service companies, we work with you closely to get an understanding of your email marketing goals. We review your target audience, analyze the missed opportunities from the campaigns launched up until that point and develop a new strategy to achieve different goals.

  2. Brand Guidelines and Asset Coordination

    Consistency is key to getting the most ROIs in email marketing. That is why we inherit your brand guidelines. We also know that content needs upgrade from time to time, so our account executive can organize all the times and materials we need to push brand success and develop a marketing calendar. Using this way, we would know which campaigns will be published next.

  3. Campaign Design and Deployment

    Our email marketing services include everything from start to end, so you don't have to worry about a single thing. Need custom emailer services? Our email marketing newsletter team designs and develops each email to be designed specifically for your requirements. With our email marketing team, you can safely assume we are always focused on reaching your objectives.

  1. Ongoing List Maintenance

    Reliable email marketing experts do not just focus on engaging the audiences, they make sure you are targetting the right people and segmenting the unengaged users. As an email marketing service provider, our goal is to consistently and efficiently increase engagement with our ongoing maintenance. We ensure the right email and message is sent to the right set of contacts.

  2. Campaign Tracking and Reporting

    Our email marketing optimization team gives detailed monthly reports on your email marketing campaigns. These reports break down each campaign sent over the last month, with complete metrics of click rate, conversion rate, open rate, and more! We also do regular consultations with your team to discuss the report.

  3. Ongoing Management and Optimization

    At times, additional work is required to make sure the best health of your ESP. This includes additional segmentation, reversing the marketing strategy based on engagement, list cleaning, and many other factors. Our email marketing team works hard that your account is optimized and operates at maximum performance.

eCommerce Email Marketing Services

Are you looking for the best email marketing company for your ECommerce business? Our Ecommerce email marketing experts are trained to use various ESPs to facilitate your ECommerce platform email marketing campaigns. Step up your ECommerce business with our email marketing services and automation:

  1. ESP Migration

    Do you have an established ESP, but it's not ideal for your ECommerce business and email marketing campaign? We can migrate your existing campaigns, templates, and segmented contacts to your preferred ESP on time to get you back up and running very quickly. We support most big-name ECommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

  2. Email Strategy

    Our email marketing team develops the best strategy to reach your right target audience. We recommend automated campaigns, strategic content, discount and offer recommendations, and a plan for ongoing email newsletter services. Reach out to us to learn more about the best email marketing for Shopify, and other ECommerce platforms.

  3. Template Design

    Aximz Technologies ECommerce marketing team consists of expert designers and developers that build original templates. We know the ins and out of Shopify email marketing and ECommerce marketing best practices. We also create templates that let the audience connects with the brand and increase conversions.

  1. Email Automation Strategy

    Our ECommerce email marketing team creates plans to harness predictive tools in building workflows and automated campaigns that uplift and increase future purchases. From abandoned cart and shopping behavior sequences to welcome series and VIP re-engagement automation, we have got you covered.

  2. Email Marketing Management

    Searching for a team to create a catchy, engaging email marketing campaign that keeps your audience up-to-date with current offers and promotions? We plan, design, and simulate ECommerce email marketing to rapidly increase conversions, ROIs and drive overall revenues.

Email Newsletters Services

Keep your customers and prospects in the loop about your brand promotions, offers, activity, and overall updates via marketing campaigns with Aximz Technologies email newsletter service. As one of the top email marketing service providers, we provide a truly cost-effective email newsletter service that covers all the technical procedures for you. Our email newsletter services are:

  1. Tailored Email Campaigns

    Unlike other email marketing companies, we set up and automate targeted email marketing campaigns aligned with marketing objectives. Are you looking for a simple plan for newsletter releases? We have got you covered! Our team creates RSS to email feeds that send audience updates from your articles and blogs. We also develop complex automation with conditional follow-up emails based on where your recipients are in your email marketing campaign funnel.

  2. Professional Templates

    Researches show people prefer emails with professional and neat design rather than just plain text communications. Our email marketing experts design and develop an email template that shouts your unique brand elements and values that fits your specific needs. We ensure all our email templates are responsive for all devices and render correctly on various screen sizes.

  1. Product and Service Promotions

    The big part of our email newsletter service is providing our clients with a profitable email marketing solution. We work meticulously to personalize the content of each email newsletter and ensure it is appealing to the ideal market. The subscriber will receive emails that tell them what they expect from the brand and offer them precisely what is best for them to buy.

  2. Email Newsletter List Management

    We work closely with you to ensure the email newsletter list is growing steadily and rapidly. Our email marketing experts optimize your website to encourage email newsletter signups and keep your sending reputation and habits are in good standing with all mailbox providers. On top of that, you benefit from our rich industry experience and make sure your emails gains as many shares and as few fewer unsubscribers as possible.

Email Blast Service

Send targeted and relevant emails to your subscribers with Aximz Technologies email blast service. To facilitate the best email marketing for your business, we took advantage of advanced email blast software and ensure your email blasts adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act. Our email blast services are:

  1. Email List Management

    Sending email blasts will make you reach the spam folders if you do not follow the best procedures. Do not let this be the case for your business. Our team segments your audience lists to ensure we deliver the right email to the right people. We categorize your email to recipients based on factors like age, user activity, and gender.

  2. Template Design

    To deploy an effective email marketing campaign, you need creative and engaging subject lines and reader-friendly email designs. At Aximz Technologies, with a team of experienced web designs and content writing experts committed to creating email blast templates that grab the attention of the recipients and convince them to take action, thus creating more conversion and sales.

  1. Recommendations

    Our task doesn't end after creating your email blast template design. We also provide necessary recommendations to improve your email marketing for ECommerce and other niche industries. Our team leverages advanced email blast software to provide marketing proposals that improve your email marketing strategy's effect.

  2. Campaign Tracking and Analytics

    Some email companies launch email marketing campaigns and fail to track and monitor the results. At Aximz Technologies, we always target to provide you with the best email marketing services. Our email marketing consultants use email blast software to A/B test and simulate the email newsletter designs, narrow down issues and finally, track and monitor your campaign performance.

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