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We create high-performing apps with easy to the eyes UI and an ease of use experience that also packs impeccable performance. Our back-end control management systems are built with state-of-the-art technology.


How mobile apps are revolutionizing the business world?

Mobile apps have become an important item in our lives. It helps us communicate better with others. Mobile Apps add more value and could be an important asset to any company from a small-scale to a large enterprise. Its contributions vary from serving the resources of the business or helping reach and grow the customers.

The development process of these apps is as essential as it is to enhance the business digitally. For that reason, we see lots of mobile application development platforms (MADPs) launching very frequently these days.


The hard work behind the simple apps

Mobile Apps have unique nature to transform industries, create new business opportunities, etc. In the process, it makes complications - like gathering information or providing on-demand content - seem simple.

But in reality, behind every "simple" app is robust technology, a group of software engineers, and impeccable code structures that bring seamless experience.

Whether you are looking to bring your one-of-a-kind idea to life or to enhance the business operations that give an edge over competitors. Aximz Technologies offers mobile app design and development services to help you get there. Providing our expertise, and strategic ideas, we bring amazing experiences that enrich brand growth.

Mobile App Development Platforms

Mobile apps have become an important item in our lives. It helps us communicate better with others. Mobile Apps add more value and could be an important asset to any company from a small-scale to a large enterprise.

Selecting a mobile app development agency

Building a mobile app is a huge step for any business. Before you land on an agency that could help you with that, here are some things to look for:

Honest Opinions

We get it, there are some things only an app can do. But a responsive website could help you in a long way which also covers most of the mobile use cases. So, before kick-starting the mobile app, the agency should give an honest opinion of whether you need one.

Agile mode

Agile is important for a couple of reasons. First, customers expect apps to be regularly updated and improvised. Second, if you build every feature and component at once, chances are you might be late to the ever-growing market.

Expert Management

A mobile app brings management challenges as well as technical dependencies. Your agency needs the experience and the process flow to keep the project moving at the right pace and efficiently.

Our App Development Process

The group of experts on board with the combined experience, we created a process flow that is agile, easy to interpret, modular, and efficient. Most of all, it works well with all kinds of mobile app builds.

  • 1. Technical Assessment
    Discovering the app’s technical requirements

    First and foremost, we extend our research to understand the complete requirement for app development. We start from the basics and get very deep with the analysis from things like "what the app is about?" "what the app could achieve" "how will it gather the necessary information?" "which base technology works well in the long run?" etc.

  • 2. Planning
    Roadmap for success

    We list down all the important features the apps needs, as well as the data integrations. If it will be required to read and write data. We work closely with technical architects and UI designers when we design the app, which will lay down a smooth path for hassle-free development for the app.

    We are careful and strategic about building iOS and Android apps. After understanding the requirement, we suggest if we should build a separate app for iOS and Android or we could go for something hybrid.

  • 3. Front- and Back-End Coding
    Building a digital product

    We like to work in the Agile model (Scrum methodology) to reach the MVP - a Minimum Viable Product that presents the core idealogy of the app and the base features your audience will use and love.

    The Project Manager will lead this phase working closely with the Account Manager, who is dedicated to keeping you up to speed with the process and on the budget usage.

  • 4. QA + Launch
    Crushing any last bugs

    While development is in progress, QA will begin already. We do our best to microscope things and break things in the process to our recently developed app, in hopes to eliminate bugs of all sizes. This opens up the window to lots of improvisation and extermination of all sorts. With QA is done successfully, it is time to launch.

  • 5. Maintenance, Iteration + Marketing
    Evolving and promoting the MVP

    Like all digital products, a mobile app should be of constant testing, improvisations, and mainly listening to the user's feedback. So testing and optimizing the experience for your users should be an ongoing process.

    Mobile apps are naturally less discoverable than the open web experience, it needs to make sure it is marketed in a way that they find the targetted users. Planning the marketing strategy should begin very early, and as a full-service agency, We Aximz Technologies can help you with that.

Mobile App Portfolio

Still not convinced? We are sure these carefully curated portfolios will do that. We are happy to hear about your thoughts as well.

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