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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an online marketing technique that utilizes different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to establish brand exposure, brand recognition, targetted audience, connect brands with a broader audience, and overall business sales. Social media marketing for small businesses and large enterprises is a powerful way to reach your prospects right where they spend their time online.

A functioning and data-driven social media marketing strategy can bring astounding results to your company and turn visitors into a loyal customer base. Most importantly, an innovative social media strategy opens an entirely new dimension to set your marketing endeavors on an upward trajectory and influences your search engine optimization (SEO) and all those digital marketing efforts will create more leads and revenue generation for your business.


Social Media Marketing Basics

Social media channels have become the main source of information and trending news in today's internet-driven world. But that's not all. Social media presence is also an important factor in search engine ranking and digital marketing. Studies show that the global population of social media users has risen to 4.57 billion, with 346 million new social media users added in 2020. Furthermore, Global WebIndex reveals that social media users spend a minimum of 3 hours every day in multi-networking across all social media and messaging platforms.

As social media usage increases drastically, knowing how to market on social media is becoming crucial in reaching your target audience and creating attention to your brand. Many marketers enter the digital marketing world without complete knowledge leading them to fail without seeing the full potential of a massive platform.

Our social media experts can explain the different aspects of the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) social media marketing strategies to help you get started with your campaigns. Continue further to learn more about social media marketing and how to market on social media with Aximz Technologies experts.


Our social media services

Our social media services bring together data, content, and design to create an engaging social media experience that could create customer trust and loyalty.


Research + Social Listening

To truly understand what drives your customers, you must really know them on a personal level. Lucky for us, we do that for living.

We look behind your audience's demographic, exploring the lifestyle, attitudes, and common interests of your customers. We use Meltwater and other social media listening tools to see what people are saying - about your brand, competitors, industry, and business-related topics - generating a lot of data to create sustainable strategies. We also identify the platforms competitors use effectively, how they interact with their customers, followers and what content gets people to share and talk about them.


Channel Planning + Optimization

Every social media platform offers different edges. Our experts ensure your business is on the right platforms and post the right content for each channel to get the most benefits.

Whether you are starting fresh on social media or expanding the experience for customers, We Aximz Technologies can help you optimize your company profiles with branding, details, call-to-actions, related posts, images, and more.


Content Creation

Every social media marketing expert knows content is king when it comes to digital marketing.

As a full-service social media partner, our copywriting and design experts lets you deliver every piece of content possible in the most presentable way. We post story-driven posts to compelling advertisements. To keep your followers and customers interested, we use our insights to recommend the types of content your audience engages and responds well back to your channels.


Organic Social

While massive scale reach has become mostly a pay-to-play scenario, organic social is part of customers' due diligence and key point of contact.

Smart business does not ignore it. We Aximz Technologies capitalize on opportunities to build your brand's following and customer rate. As part of our organic strategy, we create a content calendar/planner for each platform and optimize messages and content for their unique audiences.


Paid Social

Just as data helps target your audience, it helps to increase your Return on Investments via social media.

When it is time to boost your organic strategy, our paid marketing team will launch an ad campaign that targets the audiences that is most likely to convert. We continue to track the performance of the campaign and optimize ad expenditure to make sure your money is well spent.


Measurement + Reporting

Regular monitoring of social media campaigns gives us a big picture view, but we are at our best digging deep into a campaign's KPIs to measure them against an ad's objective.

Reporting helps us the opportunity to improve targetting, create more brand awareness, and increase overall companys' share of voice across all platforms. We analyze and report the brand's activity and performance in detail, usually on monthly basis.

Is social media marketing necessary for business?

Yes, Digital and social media marketing are crucial components of online marketing and success. Although digital and social media marketing strategies differ for each business, they share the same goals i.e, to boost brand awareness and generate more revenues. Social media digital marketing allows you to showcase your products or services to a broader audience with the simultaneous chance of converting as your customer.

Importantly, combining digital and social media marketing efforts lets you maximize customer touchpoints and conversion chances. Remember, digital success is not a matter of choosing between digital marketing versus social media marketing but combining the right set of marketing strategies to convey your brand message and values.

Having exponential digital and social media marketing skills up your sleeves will create an upper hand over competitors. Also, it helps to find the right set of customer bases and enhance your online presence. The key is to ensure your social media digital marketing techniques match your objectives and are handled by experts like Aximz Technologies.

The benefits of social media marketing services.

Social media marketing services have many advantages for startups and established brands. With the right social media marketing strategy and campaign system, social media content marketing can lead up to increased search traffic, better brand visibility and SEO, organic customer engagement, and improved brand loyalty. Still not convinced investing in social media marketing services? Here are key factors and benefits of the social media marketing that can help you decide.

Start your social media marketing today!

Marketing through social media is one of the best ways to humanize your brand and provide customers with a collective showcase of your products and services. Capitalize on Aximz Technologies social media marketing services and get more sales and conversion which ultimately
leads to impeccable business growth.


The marks of an influential social media partner

Building a social media following and engaging your audience with relevant content requires a channel of expertise, strategic thinking, and the knowledge to build relationships. An efficient social media partner provides:

  1. Multi-channel marketing experience.

    As social media platforms continue to evolve and grow, they open brands to new opportunities - and slam the door on old methods. If a social media agency does not know the latest and greatest on social media platforms, it cannot stay on top and innovate to its advantage.

  2. Content development capabilities.

    Content gets people interested in your business. But if the content does not relate to the customers or isn't placed on the right platform, your audience will slowly drift away. It is always vital to create an eye to eye content for the audience to which they can resonate.

  3. Data-driven decision-making.

    Data gives understanding to your audience and your content. When things are going well, data keeps your business on the right pace. But if data points your business in a new path, only those who can adapt quickly will prevent a brand from going adrift.

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