We create web experiences that are interactive & accessible.

As an easily accessible medium, web technology bridges people everywhere for business and personal experience. We at Aximz Technologies love using the technology to the utmost extent to create beautiful and informative experiences.


At Aximz Technologies, we understand the pain of an underperforming website.

Your website takes an integral role in representing the online presence of the entire brand. And if the website is slow, difficult to use, not mobile-friendly, that makes the brand looks unprofessional.

And it has become a new normal, that you cannot start a business without a website. It represents so much of your business and acts as a 24/7 information point for your brand and business. Having a slow website will defy all of that

We have more than 10+ years of experience developing websites using multiple CMS and Opensource platforms using the help of sustainable project management workflow. We Aximz technologies have sworn to build website with high-quality and high performance.

Add significance to your business without a hassle.

We have 10+ years of experience in the arena of web design and development. We blend in all those experiences along with the required web platform to bring your digital product come to life. With the help of our best operation methods and agile model, we can provide this professional service at the best affordable price for all of our customers.

Web Applications

We always think from the customer's point of view and how we can escalate the business with our best-in-class web solutions. With years of experience and the latest web technology, we can deliver fast and efficient solutions

Web Design

We believe the technology behind the web solutions is like a raw powered supercar engine. Our gifted visualizer and web designers will add the brilliant aesthetics it needs to make all products look unique and beautiful.


With all the years of experience, we have procured the list of the necessary features that make an eCommerce website unique and tailor-made for their customers to enjoy shopping, along with the easy-to-use control panel.

User Experience & Interaction Design

The user interaction and user experience play an important role in the overall result and success of any website. Our closely-knit group of designers and developers make sure to deliver the best products that are not only performing well but pleasing to look at/use as well.


In any web-based product, there is always room for improvisation and optimizations. We strongly believe and suggest to the customers that we should look at products closely and make sure it is optimized for any sort of new and upcoming platforms and media.

Website Development Platforms

We have 10+ years of experience in the arena of web design and development. We blend in all those experiences along with the required web platform to bring your digital product come to life.

Optimized for all devices

Whether it is desktop, mobile smartphone, or tablet - the products we deliver will be optimized for any device and contingencies. Our responsive websites don't lose their beauty or performance for the sake of optimization.

Its instant-adapt quality works seamlessly for all devices and browsers, which makes the customer immerse in the contents the website provides not the oddity.

Start Project

Our website development process

All projects are unique and distinctive, but the process we follow is the same. Overall these years, we have managed to perfect the flow that helps us and clients as well.

  • 1. Discovery
    Assessing the situation, goals, and requirements

    We start with assessing your current setup and technology used. Our goal is to understand your business completely from all perspectives.

  • 2. Planning
    Creating a tech strategy that works

    We take so much time planning the project for all contingencies, that future-proofing all our web products is as important as the development.

  • 3. IA & Design
    Delivering a complete website solution

    With all the years of experience, we can safely say our designs will have proactiveness towards digital strategy, content marketing, etc.,

  • 4. Front- and Back-End Coding
    Developing with strongest codes

    We treat each project differently and apply a methodology that works only for some products. Our expertise in different platforms helps as well.

    We use our exemplary process flow and code knowledge for each project

  • 5. QA
    Testing against over 100 checkpoints

    We are kind of obsessed with QA checkpoints and beating the score on reports on every evaluation. We get excited by squashing those invisible bugs.

  • 6. Training + Launch
    Preparing your team for delivery

    When we hand over the project, we carefully do the knowledge transfer and make sure the client is in a good position to handle the website.

How can we help you?

We have 10+ years of experience in the arena of web design and development. We would love to use our expertise to bring your projects to life.

KickStart Your Project

  • Plan of action.
  • Budget estimation
  • Proof of concept
  • Preplanning & research

Trouble in Hiring a Team

  • Hire our in-house team.
  • On-site or at our office.
  • Developers and designers.
  • You stay at the helm.

Looking for Developers

  • Experts in WordPress, PHP & HTML.
  • Minimum 2 yrs of experience.
  • We can work for 45 hours a week.
  • Immediately available.

Web Development Portfolio

Still not convinced? We are sure these carefully curated portfolios will do that. We are happy to hear about your thoughts as well.

See how we can transform your business.